6am: A Motivational Anthem To Start Your Day By Adam Srae

Following the releases of See You Soon and Crystal Clear, Adam Srae returns with 6am, the third instalment in his This Is Me, Thinking Out Loud 2024 monthly song releases project. Dropping on the last Thursday (27th) of June, 6am is a motivational anthem that embodies the essence of determination, resilience, and hope.

Adam Srae, known for his heartfelt and soul-stirring music, has captivated audiences with his previous releases this year. See You Soon, a touching ode to enduring connections, and Crystal Clear, an introspective look at mental health struggles, have both resonated deeply with fans. Both tracks stem from his 2024 project This Is Me, Thinking Out Loud, a series of song releases that each tell a unique story, and are yet all intertwined, reflecting Adam’s journey and growth as an artist and individual.

6am captures the essence of starting the day with a renewed sense of purpose. The song’s lyrics vividly depict an early morning routine, filled with prayer, reflection, and a sense of urgency to tackle life’s challenges. Despite feeling overwhelmed at times, Adam finds solace in his faith and the belief that patience and perseverance will lead to success. The track underscores the importance of hard work and determination while offering an underlying message of hope and reliance on divine guidance.

6am transcends being just a song; it’s a rallying cry, a call to action urging us to greet each new day with bravery and hope. As Adam Srae’s wake-up call from the melancholic depths of Crystal Clear, it symbolizes a transformative shift from introspection to motivation, inspiring listeners to overcome their struggles and pursue personal growth amid life’s uncertainties.

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