A Rising Force In The DJing Scene With A Deep-Rooted Musical Journey

Bilahu Biodun Akorede, widely known as DJ Hacord, is making significant strides in the music industry with his fervent passion for DJing and a compelling journey that began in 2013. Born in Osun state and raised in Matogun, Ogun state, DJ Hacord has emerged as a prominent figure in the DJ community, earning acclaim for his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to music. DJ Hacord’s initiation into the DJing realm commenced during his teenage years, fueled by an enduring love for music cultivated since childhood. His initial foray involved using his phone to play songs in the local Matogun area, swiftly earning recognition for his skill. People were so impressed that event organizers started inviting him to DJ at their gatherings even before he officially launched his professional career in 2013.

Over the years, DJ Hacord has diligently refined his craft, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Notably, his “Wizkid × Davido Wayback Mix” became a viral sensation, showcasing DJ Hacord’s ability to seamlessly blend tracks and curate a musical experience resonating with fans of both artists. In addition to his past successes, DJ Hacord is gearing up for another highly anticipated release.
Scheduled for February 9th, 2024, his forthcoming mixtape, “Wake Me Up Mixtape,” follows closely on the heels of his hit collaboration with Hotkid, titled “Wake Me Up.” This demonstrates DJ Hacord’s versatility and dedication to delivering fresh and innovative content.

Beyond his musical prowess, DJ Hacord is an alumnus of Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH), where he pursued studies in Transport Management. This academic background, coupled with his professional achievements, reflects his holistic approach to life. From playing songs with his phone in Matogun to becoming a sought-after DJ, DJ Hacord’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, emphasizing the transformative power of passion and dedication.
As he continues to push boundaries and carve his niche in the music industry, DJ Hacord is undeniably a rising star worth following.


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