Aisosa Returns With His First Release Of The Year – A Double Single Titled “Moonshine/PYT”

Aisosa, dubbed the “Fresh Prince of Nigerian RnB” is set to release his first single of the year, a double single pack titled “Moonshine/PYT” on Friday, May 24th, 2024. Following the release of his debut EP “At Night, You Flood My Thoughts” last year, the artist is ready to thrill his fans with his mesmerising vocals once again.

“Moonshine/PYT” is an RnB/Afro-Fusion pack that contains two singles; “Moonshine” produced by UndieJulius and “PYT” produced by Davinchiii. Both songs are written and performed by Aisosa.

“Moonshine” is a sublime track with Afrobeats and R&B elements, laced with lush harmonies. The vocal delivery is laid back but seats perfectly on the beat. It is a love song reassuring a partner who is in doubt about your love for them. Calm and laid back vibes perfect for a beach day, a late-night drive, and casual, relaxed settings.

“PYT” is a little more upbeat Like “Moonshine,” this is a fusion track as well, blending R&B, Afrobeats, and a bit of dancehall. It is also a love song, but delivered in a more forward manner, encouraging a love interest to “let me love you.” “PYT” is a party starter, and will sure get you moving your feet.

“I’m ecstatic. These are songs I’m very proud of, and I’ve been waiting to share them since the moment I was done writing them,” says Aisosa. “It’s been surreal seeing everything come together, and now that it’s so close to release, I can’t wait!”.

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