Beatz by Eman Unveils New Insight Into His Artistry With “Bad Boy Like Me”

Following the release of his last hit single earlier in 2023, Beatz by Eman drops another chart-topping track titled “Bad Boy Like Me” on which he reveals more of his personal story and musical identity.

In contrast to his previous releases, such as “Be With Me,” where he expresses his heartfelt longing for a certain someone. Where he also showcases his willingness to lay bare his emotions, offering a candid glimpse into his inner world and the yearning that fuels his creative expression. This track and many others proves that Beatz by Eman is not one to conceal his emotions.

On “Bad Boy Like Me” the artist opens a window into his personal narrative and artistic evolution, promising a more intimate connection between him and his fan base.

The track isn’t just about the music it’s an outright exploration of the artist’s soul, showcasing his versatility, creativity and ability to blend energetic rhythms with soulful narratives.

“Bad Boy Like Me” is out now on all streaming platforms

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