Bidemi Tata Continues To Push Boundaries In Digital Artistry With Latest Contribution To Detty Rave

The resurgent Detty Rave, an iconic celebration of Afro-enjoyment, has been on a remarkable journey since its inception in 2017. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the show made a triumphant comeback in 2022, thanks in so small part to the groundbreaking contributions of a young Lagos-based digital artist named Bidemi Tata. The Nigerian artist has become known for his unique, surreal and colourful visions which continues to push the boundaries of African aesthetics.

This year marks Bidemi Tata’s second year designing for Detty Rave, and he has taken his artistry to new heights, capturing the essence of the event in his truly unique way. His abstract art, characterised by its vibrancy and surreal imagination, resonates with the hearts of youthful art enthusiasts worldwide, proving the increasing universal importance of African creatives.

Detty Rave, organised by Mr Eazi’s Chop Life Ministries, has become a globally recognized event that embodies the spirit of pure enjoyment. Following the resounding success of last year’s edition which was hailed as one of Ghana’s best events of 2022, the anticipation for this year’s Detty Rave is at an all time high. Its attraction of increasing international audiences serves as further testament to the global relevance of Bidemi Tata’s artistic contributions in fostering joy and celebration. This is a phenomenon that is all too evident in his countless album cover designs which have already made an indelible mark across the booming Nigerian music industry.

Bidemi Tata’s work has played a pivotal role in shaping Detty Rave’s visual identity. His colourful and captivating illustrations have graced posters and promotional materials for the event, setting the stage for an equally colourful celebration. Collaborating with other talents like Ohemeng Oware Jr (@daartgod), Sinalo Ngcaba (@snalo_), and Rudolf Zeglo (@rudy_zeglo), Bidemi Tata has brought the UFO trend into an African context, infusing the event with a fresh and exciting energy.

“Art allows me to express myself freely, it gives me a voice beyond words,” he says. If the celebration in Ghana looks anything like what Bidemi has masterfully depicted in his work, then Detty Rave is definitely the place to be this December. For more information on Bidemi Tata and his groundbreaking works, please visit here.

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