Chinaz Secures Comeback With Vibrant New Track ‘Mile 2’

The Nigerian star’s first song in a while will leave you pumped and ready to take over the world! Crank up your volume and listen as he weaves a tale of struggle into a universal anthem of hope and confidence.

Chinaz is back and like it is said, the comeback is always better than the setback! After going MIA following the release of his debut EP, “King David,” in 2022, he returns from the dungeons with more than just ammunition. He shares a winsome track bursting with a force: the hope to overcome tomorrow and it has our absolute attention.

‘Mile 2’ is like that friend who reminds you to keep your head up, no matter the situation. It addresses the struggles faced by the everyday people of Mile 2–a suburb in Nigeria–through the lens of Chinaz. This sunny, hope-filled anthem features a striking blend of dynamic Afrobeats, making Chinaz’s versatile voice and lyrics stick like never before.

About lyrics, Chinaz has a couple that audiences can resonate with and find strength in: “Plenty plenty times I suffer. Plenty plenty times for dogba/As I dey try to do my best oh. Plenty plenty no believe am/Gradually, Oluwa lo sho mi. Na ah/Spiritually, Oluwa lo sho mi. Na ah/Mentally, Oluwa lo sho mi. Na ah/Financially, Oluwa lo sho mi. Na ah.”

After two years off the grid, Chinaz is back to excite even the most passive fans with a jolt of good music. He is poised to sweep the industry with an inferno of hits following his short break and ‘Mile 2’ is the first to put his name back on the lips of music fans. Listen to song here.

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