Efya’s ‘No More Tears’ EP: Turning The Page On A New Chapter

Ghana’s renowned singer and songwriter, Efya, is back with her highly anticipated EP, “No More Tears.” Born Jane Fara Fauzzier Afia Boafowaa Yahaya Awindor, Efya’s musical journey began at a young age, nurtured by a family rooted in arts.

She first gained national recognition as a runner-up in Charterhouse’s “Stars Of The Future” talent hunt and reality TV show, known for her powerful vocals and outstanding stage performances.

“No More Tears” marks Efya’s fourth project, and this time, she has joined forces with the brilliant producer, Louddaa. Through their collaboration, Efya’s rich vocals blend with Louddaa’s unique production, offering an ideal platform for her creative expression.

Brevity is the soul of wit on the four-track EP. Efya’s growth, overcoming trials, tribulations, nd the lessons learned from the pain she has endured. “No More” is an emotional journey that reflects Efya’s resilience and her emergence from the shadows of despair.

“This EP marks a new day in my journey as an artist,” says Efya. “It signifies the end of tears and the beginning of joy and continued success. I want my listeners to immerse themselves in the music and lyrics, allowing them to become an integral part of their own stories.”
Beyond the music, the EP mirrors her personal and artistic growth.


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