Emerging Nigerian Artist LambaMills Reflects on Love and Self-Discovery On New Single “Reason”

Emerging Nigerian artist Okwese Chukwualasu Ferdinand, also known as LAMBAMILLS is making waves once again with the release of his latest single, “Reason”. Following the success of his debut single earlier in 2023, the artist is set to captivate audiences with a heartfelt AfroPop/R&B track that delves into themes of love, self-discovery, and emotional struggle.

Reason” a record produced by the talented Malik Ndiaye (Dopeboy DMG) and Olaleke Dominion (Thasoundz), is a captivating blend of AfroPop and R&B, illuminating the artist’s profound musical versatility and emotional depth.

In “Reason“, LambaMills delivers soul-stirring lyrics that explore the complexities of love and the intoxicating allure of a relationship that leads to despair. The song chronicles the artist’s emotional journey, revealing the turmoil caused by a toxic love interest, while simultaneously expressing unwavering affection.

With lyrics like “Love me unconditionally, give me peace, nothing really greater than peace”
“Tell me what’s the reason why you’re making me sad“. LambaMills’ evocative storytelling and poignant lyricism in “Reason” capture the essence of the tumultuous experience of loving someone who brings both joy and pain. The song’s introspective nature serves as a powerful testament to the artist’s ability to fuse personal vulnerability with infectious musicality.

Through this new release, LambaMills aims to touch the hearts of audiences while establishing himself as a compelling voice in the contemporary AfroPop and R&B landscape. With “Reason,” the artist invites listeners to immerse themselves in a sonic journey that navigates the highs and lows of romantic love and personal introspection.

LambaMills’ latest single, “Reason,” is now available on all major streaming platforms here offering audiences an opportunity to immerse themselves in the artist’s relatable musical narrative.

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