Get Ready To Groove With Frankie Jay’s Infectious EP ‘Delta 2 Lagos’

The next big thing you should acquaint yourself with is Frankie Jay. The artist has recently released his new EP, “Delta 2 Lagos” which chronicles a series of thematic exploration and how his dedication to his craft is succinctly evident in this new project.

Delta 2 Lagos” is a 5-track EP that journeys from a perspective of Frankie Jay’s inspirational words in “Abeg” to “Ogologo” where he links up with his ‘brother’ from Delta, Harrysong, and Mel B.

Delta 2 Lagos contains infectious melodies and rhythms that captivated audience and instill a sense of energy in them, particularly with how he creatively explores sounds in his EP, ranging from his sublime portrayal of highlife in “Happy Day”, to his versatility in exploring dancehall sound in “Bam Bam” and even the classic amapiano infused into the sultry track “Bad”

A listen to Frankie Jay’s album shows how much the artist revels in making music that sets the mood and atmosphere for a good time, making him an exciting addition to the music scene.

‘DELTA 2 LAGOS’ EP is OUT NOW and available on all digital streaming platforms!

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