Ghana’s Newest Talent, Asari Music Is Making Waves With Her New Release

Ghana’s rising star, Asari Music has once again demonstrated her undeniable talent and emotional depth with the release of her latest single, ‘Was It For Me.’ Asari has been gaining grounds with her unique sound and has already gained herself some fans with previous well-received singles; ‘Like Dat,’ ‘You Won’t Go’ and ‘Find You.’ Listen to ‘Was It For Me’ here:

‘Was It For Me’ delves into the complexities of a love gone sour and talks about heartbreak. The song is a beautiful mix of Afro fusion sounds, creating a fun bop which is slowly becoming an anthem for the summer. Asari’s powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery make the song a deeply moving experience, resonating with anyone who has ever questioned the motives behind a partner’s actions.

Since its release, ‘Was It For Me’ has been met with enthusiastic responses from fans and critics alike. The success of the song can be attributed to its simple and relatable message, not forgetting Asari’s stunning vocal performance.

Asari Music was born in the Bono Ahafo Region of Ghana and has been singing since her teenage years. “I snuck out to the studio for the first time at age seventeen. From that day, I began visiting more studios and attending music network workshops. Of course, my friends always covered for me when my parents called to ask where I was,” she fondly recounted. Judging from the fact that she was a good student who received various honours, her parents believed her whenever she used the excuse of studying to stay late after school. She is currently a senior on a Dual Degree Program. When Asari is not at the studio, she fills her time with studying as she is someone who takes her studies as seriously as she takes her music career.

She hopes to motivate young musicians who are in school that it is possible to actively pursue and excess in both disciplines. As a student, Asari understands the struggle that comes with wanting to pursue a career in music while still in school especially in an African household and hopes to break the stigma it comes with.  Despite her remarkable achievements, Asari describes her journey as one that has been riddled with many challenges and hurdles but says she has always drawn strength from her sound to surmount them all. She fondly describes music as her safe haven as it makes her feel seen in the midst of the chaos.

Asari Music hopes to continue releasing music with more new bangers. The star has more to come and everyone should be on the lookout.

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