H3NRYY Announces Forthcoming EP, “WAYYWARD,” Set to Showcase his Authentic Artistry

Nigerian singer-songwriter Iyalla Henry Tamuno-Iyowuna, known professionally as H3NRYY, has unveiled plans for his upcoming EP, titled “WAYYWARD.” The EP, scheduled for release soon, is a body of work that promises to showcase the rising artist’s genuine talent and speak directly to the experiences of today’s youth.

H3NRYY is determined to make his mark on the music industry by staying true to himself. With introspective lyrics that paint a relatable picture of life, he aims to cut through the noise and redefine what it means to create authentic, meaningful music.

In preparation for the EP’s release, H3NRYY will unveil his highly anticipated single, “SWEET,” on Friday, May 10th. This powerful track is set to showcase the depth of his talent and pave the way for the grand debut of “WAYYWARD.”

“Releasing SWEET’ as the debut single is a strategic move to prepare the world for the EP,” H3NRYY explains.
He also says he has his sights set on making a lasting impact, H3NRYY is getting ready to share his authentic sound with the world. Stay tuned for what promises to be a remarkable journey into the mind and heart of this rising Nigerian artist.

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