Harmattan Love Stories is a scintillating Sonic Memoir by Kblacktheblack

The Nigerian contèmporary rapper unwraps a new refreshing R&B/Soul layer of his artistry. A five track journaling of Kblacktheblack’s highly enthralling but short lived commitment to a love interest. It’s his second project since the 2020 Soul Ecstasy release, he unravels this scintillating skin of his eclectic artistry in addition to an existing reputation of him being a hard hitting lyricist and emcee, but this time exploring softer tones in sound and themes.

Harmattan Love Stories is a sonic memoir by Kblacktheblack, premised on an experience of seasonal romance he encountered that left a resounding after-taste. Like the title indicates, the project is storied on the hazy period of Harmattan and its inspiration of feelings of romantic commitment in the rap artist. The project is a beautiful sonic make up of tracks that exist within R&B/Soul, Afro pop, Pop, and Hip hop soundscapes, with a solo guest appearance from 9th Degree, in addition to production input from an array of producers that includes Maejor kresh, Doka Shotz, Trizzybeatzx, Bry Bandz & Greaye.

Set for official release on 15th March 2024, the intensity and clarity Kblacktheblack seems to have tapped into as a means of communicating his inner world to his audience, coupled with an obvious range in the palette of sound and a universality in the theme are some praiseworthy elements of Harmattan Love Stories.

Know You, the project’s first track and lead single, is an open and enthusiastic leap to get acquainted with a love interest who also happens to be the object of the memoir Kblack authors. The Maejor Kresh-produced lustrous r&b record which features newcomer 9th Degree, is a hearty and concise avowal to get romantically acquinted with the object of his affection. In tandem with the tingly prestige nature of the record, Kblack & 9th Degree combines vim and glee to create a wooing soundtrack.

In all, the project as a memoir, expresses a familiar experience of winter-time romance that can be painstakingly short-lived but filled with seeds that can be launch pads for character and personal development as Kblack came to realize at the end of the project. Progressing from a sudden attraction to “Know You”, proclaiming love and “Affection”, getting the opposite intention from her on “DID Interlude” regardless of how intimate it got, came to a realization about how “Toxic” it became, ending up using that as fuel to go “All In” on what actually matters.

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