Indigenous Rap Excellence: Yagaa And Jeriq Set The Scene Ablaze With ‘Hello’

Yagaa, a rising star in the music industry, proudly announces the release of his latest track, “Hello Siri,” featuring JeriQ. This track establishes Yagaa as a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

With haunting bass vocals and an intriguing flow, Yagaa and JeriQ fly the drill music flag of Nigeria’s southeast. The lyricism is conveyed in Igbo with a dash of English.

“Hello Siri” is a confident and boastful track showcasing the artist’s success, wealth, and self-assured attitude. The lyrics convey pride in accomplishments, referencing financial prosperity, luxury possessions, and a commanding presence.

On the hook, Yagaa sings, “Hello Siri…Can I get Your Attention? If I hurt Your Feelings, Baby Don’t Mention…” The artist addresses Siri, seeking attention and dismissing any hurt feelings. The use of Igbo language adds cultural richness, celebrating eastern roots.

JeriQ, one of the country’s most exciting rappers, injects each line with street-inspired ideals. As Indigenous rap takes the lead, hit play and immerse yourself in the unapologetic energy of “Hello Siri.”


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