Being well tapped into the Lagos music scene as an artist and music producer, Janas XS is one of the creatives set on pioneering the new wave of alternative fusion sounds in the scene. Following the releases of “Onitemi” and “On This Road.” in 2022, “Do Your Thing” is Janas’ first release in 2023. The song combines the Brazilian sounds of Baile Funk with Nigerian Afrobeats sounds and elements of Indian folk music. It features the Afro fusion sensation – Dopsy Flow.
“Do Your Thing”, in a broad sense, praises those who aren’t phased by external distractions and are able to focus their energies on doing their work diligently. In a more specific sense, it is an ode to a love interest who is independent and doesn’t need to rely on anyone to get things done for herself. Janas and Dopsy deliver their vocals percussively, soothingly, and simultaneously over Janas’ top-notch production. Throughout the song, the African percussions feel like mild rapid heartbeats while the sounds of the keyboards and other instrumental elements all come together to successfully convey the essence of the song.

To take it one step further, the song is accompanied by a captivating yet simple music video. Directed by Kolade Oseni, the video does a phenomenal job of capturing the striking nature of the song and the emotions that both artists convey – in this song and in their daily expressions as artists. Janas has been known to deliver stunning performances anytime he gets on the stage. Being a maestro guitarist as well as a vocal artist, he is easily able to deliver a multi-dimensional experience by communicating his emotions to his audience (microphone and guitar). Some places where Janas has done this are Bogobiri, Bature Brewery where he’s a lead guitarist in Olusegun’s band, and most notably at Felabration 2022 where he stood out as an artist to watch out for. Ultimately, there is so much to come from Janas XS in 2023 and “Do Your Thing” is the beginning of all of it.

LISTEN TO ‘DO YOUR THING’ – https://found.ee/DYTdflow

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