Step onto the dance floor and let the rhythmic allure of Korede Bello’s latest single, “Maria,” sweep you away. This pop record is set to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide, as the talented Nigerian singer-songwriter showcases his signature smooth lyrics and mesmerizing vocals.

In the making of “Maria,” Korede Bello embarked on an inspiring collaboration with producer Drey, whose relentless passion for music caught the artist’s attention through the power of social media. Impressed by Drey’s exceptional work ethic and musical prowess, Korede Bello jumped at the opportunity to create magic together, and “Maria” was one of the first creations born from this exciting partnership.

Reflecting on the creative process, Korede Bello shared, “The guitar you hear in the intro was me. That’s how the song started; I played the progression, and Drey laced the beats. Before I started writing, I knew I wanted to tell a story in the song.” This insight gives listeners a glimpse into the heart of the song, which weaves a captivating narrative through its captivating melody.

Seeking to elevate the song’s sonic landscape, Korede Bello teamed up with the highly acclaimed Altims (Burssbrain), a renowned figure known for his exceptional ear and production expertise. Together, they embarked on an exploration to enrich the experience of “Maria,” fine-tuning every element with precision.

“I hit up Altims (Burssbrain) to help beef it up because I trust his ears,” Korede Bello revealed. “After a lot of back and forth of ideas, we finally got it to where I thought the song needed to be. I was satisfied.” The result is an enchanting fusion of melody and rhythm, meticulously crafted to take listeners on a captivating journey.

Adding a personal touch to the track, Korede Bello’s instrumental prowess shines through, as he graces “Maria” with a mesmerizing guitar introduction that sets the mood for an electrifying musical ride.

With “Maria” now available on all major streaming platforms, fans are invited to surrender to the magnetic charm of Korede Bello’s latest creation.


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