LOVN “Hosanna” Is A Plea For Real Love

LOVN is a rising star who defies easy definition. Earning the moniker “SOUNDBENDER” from his fans. LOVN’s journey to stardom began with a stroke of luck. In 2019, a chance encounter led him to audition for the talent show Access The Stars. His undeniable talent shone through, and he emerged victorious in April 2020, launching his meteoric rise in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

“Hosanna” is an Afropop love song that celebrates finding true love. The song cuts through empty promises and boasts, with LOVN making it clear that his actions speak louder than words. Over the pulsating afropop beat, LOVN pours his heart out, pleading with his love interest to be his refuge.

“Hosanna” prioritises real connection over empty words. Listen to song here.

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