Mannie Tseayo Expands Acclaimed “Grey” With Deluxe Edition

Rising Abuja rapper, singer-songwriter and multi-disciplinary talented artiste, Mannie Tseayo releases a new body of work, “Grey: The Deluxe”, a follow-up to her critically acclaimed 4th studio EP “Grey: The Midtone” (2023).

“Grey: The Deluxe” deepens Mannie’s exploration of duality and balance. Through her music, she challenges the idea of a black-and-white world, instead celebrating the complexities of human experience. “I’m excited to share ‘Grey: The Deluxe,'” says Mannie. “This project reflects my growth over the past year. Each track is a part of my story, and I hope it resonates deeply.”

Born and raised in Abuja, Mannie has carved a space for herself with her unique fusion of alternative pop and rap. Her sound reflects her love for both genres, creating an inviting and captivating sonic experience.

“Grey: The Deluxe” adds a fresh splash of colour to the greyscale with upbeat production and lyricism. The expanded edition features new tracks like “Boss, How Far” (produced by Ransom Beatz), “Ungreytful,” and “Andromeda Vibes” (featuring OG Mage).

Mannie’s artistry has gained a wide reach, including the 2023 Made in Abuja Awards’ Best Female Artist. With “Grey: The Deluxe,” she continues to push boundaries and inspire fans with her innovative sound and meaningful lyrics.

Mannie’s creative well extends beyond music. Anime, books, painting, fashion – these diverse influences infuse her work, shaping a unique and artistic identity.Stream “Grey: The Deluxe” now on all major platforms.

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