Queen Drie Celebrates Womanhood In New Single “Woman”

The world over, we have always seen people push and advocate for better treatment and a platform for their voice to be heard. One such platform has always been music. Music has given women the platform to not only advocate and empower but also celebrate and show support for the many things’ women continue to achieve in the world. Continuing in the footsteps of the many great women who use their voices through platforms is Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter Queen Drie.

On her first single of the year 2024, titled “Woman,” she reminds listeners that Girls (women) make the world go round, and it is them that hold things down. Her song celebrates, uplifts, and amplifies the ability of women to be independent, to be great, and to be themselves without fear or prejudice.

Produced by Blindforlove and Frank Moses, the song is yet another anthem that embodies the move for women to push to be what and who they can be. They are allowed to dream and work to achieve those dreams. She encourages her fellows to stand firm, believe, and take action because they (women) are the ones who do indeed make the world go round.

Stream “Woman” by Queen Drie now on all platforms.

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