Rediscover Inusa Dawuda’s 2008 Remake Of Dr. Alban’s ‘No Coke’ In Superior Quality

Inusa Dawuda reconnects us to the past with his brilliant remake of a Dr. Alban classic that both older and newer audiences will appreciate. Stream or download ‘No Coke’ across all major digital platforms here.

This refreshing throwback is the remastered version of Inusa Dawuda’s 2008 track ‘No Coke,’ a faithful remake of Dr. Alban’s Platinum-certified hit from 1990. Here, the veteran revisits the past to give it a richer auditory experience, capturing the original gusto from 16 years ago and the outcome is outright captivating!

In contrast to his 2008 release, the new remaster boasts a more immersive listening experience; Its lyrics steadily engross, and its production feels punchier and diabolically infectious. How it comes together makes it a living testament to Inusa’s growth as an artist, highlighting his ongoing commitment to timeless music decades later. “Music, no matter how old, still has the power to influence and inspire,” the renowned star reflects. “I hope this updated version of ‘No Coke’ continues to spread a message of awareness and change today like it did in my time.”

Known for his energetic performances and blissful remakes, Inusa has made a remarkable career blending House, Reggae and Pop with his distinct voice. His 2008 remake of ‘No Coke’ was (and is still) widely praised for breathing new life into the then-18-year-old classic. The original song from Nigerian-born Swedish musician, Dr. Alban helped spread awareness of the crack cocaine epidemic with its anti-drug message and rhythmic quality.

According to Inusa, his decision to revisit ‘No Coke’ was to see how far modern production and remastering techniques have come while resounding a message still relevant to the times. “Remastering ‘No Coke’ over a decade later was an exciting experience for me. The opportunity to revisit and manipulate a past release through technology is fascinating,” Inusa explains. “I am happy to be able to honor the past while embracing the future.”

Whether a fan of Inusa or not, his remaster of ‘No Coke’ is a must-listen. It is a brilliant showcase of how powerful technological advancements can allow us to enjoy the past in higher fidelity.

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