Rising Nigerian Star Diteh Unveils Debut EP, “Mindless Attraction”

JAW TOWN Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Mindless Attraction,” the debut EP from rising Nigerian talent DITEH.

Hailing from Bayelsa, DITEH infuses his unique perspective into “Mindless Attraction,” a captivating exploration of love, relationships with women, and the vibrant party scene.

On “Mindless Attraction,” DITEH explores the complexities of love from the highs of undeniable attraction to the lows of deception and the dedication required for a lasting relationship.

DITEH puts together themes of carefree revelry with the yearning for emotional connection, painting a nuanced portrait of modern love. He explores the carefree moments of partying with friends, a stark contrast to the dedication and loyalty required for a strong relationship.

He also touches on the concept of emotional availability, and the importance of partners being open and receptive to each other’s feelings and needs.

With “Mindless Attraction,” DITEH offers a raw and intimate glimpse into his inner world.

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