Rising Star, Haeven New ‘Era’ Begins

Rising Hip-hop and Afro-Soul artiste Haeven has released her first single of the year announcing her comeback from an almost two-year break. This record is an alternative R&B song showing a side of the artiste people don’t usually hear.

ERA is a reintroduction to Haeven, a new beginning that will stun fans and newcomers alike. The song is a marriage of her soulful melodies and her signature hard-hitting, leave-no-prisoners lyrics. Each line will have audiences by the throat, as they dance to the addictive beat. They will cheer her for their resilience, and feel for the vulnerable child that lies within her tough exterior.

The 2shuus-produced song with additional production from Insvne Auggie speaks to loss and growth, and a clash of two souls living in a single body. The resolution emerges as an ultimate acceptance of self, both sides converging into a single, powerful force ready to take on the world.

To those who know the musician solely as a rapper, or a singer, this alternative R&B tune is only one layer to unraveling the curious dichotomy of Haeven. This new era promises thrilling mystery and music like they’ve never heard before if they stick around till the end of the story. ERA is available on all platforms.



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