Nigerian singer and songwriter Runda has teamed up with the talented Dai Verse to release their latest emotional track, “Damaged.” The song delves into the nuances of love, exploring the ways in which it can both build and shatter individuals, especially when betrayal and deceit enter the picture.

The lyrics resonate deeply as Runda’s soulful voice laments, “How you for listen, when I no fit talk, Sey when you leave make I try to keep up.” These words capture not only the struggle to communicate but also the resilience required when promises are broken and trust is shattered.

Dai Verse’s verse adds an additional depth of vulnerability, as he confesses, “Girl I know that I am damaged, but no chop my heart like you be savage.” His contribution mirrors the complex emotions that arise in the aftermath of heartbreak.

“Damaged” serves as a profound follow-up to Runda’s recent release, “Beautiful Lies,” which is a preview of his forthcoming EP, aptly titled “Beautiful Lies.” This EP tells tales of bittersweet experiences that define modern relationships.

Born Oluwapelumi Olorunda in March 1999 and hailing from Agege, Lagos, Runda is captivating audiences with one song at a time with his distinctive sound and charismatic presence.

The collaboration between Runda and Dai Verse amplifies the emotional appeal of “Damaged,” providing listeners with an unforgettable musical journey.


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