Ukairo, the multi-hyphenate creative known for his audio-visual storytelling through film, photography, and poetry  is thrilled to announce the release of his new EP, “TRTD.” TRTD is about Ukairo’s journey through some of the darkest periods of his life. “The words that came out of what was a deeply troubling time within me while I was in the US…the melodies that soothed me…that’s what you hear in TRTD. It’s all there.” The EP, which he calls “a collection of psalms” is a project which features tracks that date back to the height of the pandemic a little over three years ago which was the year after he graduated college.

Having to slow down for the first time since he moved to the US to study film, Ukairo was forced to sit with himself–an uncomfortable mandate that brought him to several realizations, some of which are still revealing themselves today. A combination of post-grad limbo, heartbreak, and trauma from his time in the US, enmeshed with what he came to learn was anxiety, were the elements that birthed TRTD. “I remember sitting quietly here and there–because there was a lot of time to do that–and words and harmonies would come out of nowhere. Somehow I would just know they were for me. They were my medicine.” With the ambient sounds and textures that interlace the spoken words and solemn vocalizations in TRTD, Ukairo succeeds in offering an experience that plays out like the soundtrack to a film. To his listeners, he says, “You might wanna sit down for this one.” TRTD which means “The Road To Damascus” is a reference to the story of the conversion of Paul in The Bible which he felt was appropriate given how much his experience transformed him similar to how Paul was transformed.

The advocate for slowing down that he is, Ukairo took his time with every song letting it mature into what it means to him today. With the lead single, “echo//loco ” already out, Ukairo is excited for listeners to engage with the other songs that make up the world of TRTD.

Listen to The Road To Damascus (TRTD)

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