Vector And Bella Shmurda Express Their Vulnerability In “If They Are Real”

Vector, a veteran in the game, has become more vocal over the past years. He shifted his focus from mainstream dominance to cultural enlightenment. He collaborates with Bella Shmurda for a reflective record titled “If They are Real”.

A candid expression of life based on experience. Vector starts the record with the lines “In my life, Jah open my eyes.”

He says “There are the battles and the victories in every story; The duality of both sides of the coin in all honesty amidst all the lies and fake truth.”

“If They are Real” is more than just an enjoyable track. It offers a personal account, narrating the experiences and stories of people and places, whether real or fictional.
Vector and Bella Shmurda reveal their fears, hopes, advice, and perspectives that motivate them.

Bella Shmurda delivers the hook as he sings “So many fake people, closing in in my life oh, but jah open my eyes, If they’re real ose ba mi”

In his singing, Bella Shmurda’s vocals convey the weight of vulnerability. He opens up to the emotions of living “I just want to live, I no come to kill, I just want to give to the poor and the rich, I just want to live my life to the peak.”
Produced by That BeatSmith, the mood is solemn. The drums and percussion are mid-tempo. Allowing Vector and Bella Shmurda’s words to touch your heart.


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