Vision Oasis Entertainment Artist, Joshykun, Releases Brand New Single Series

Vision Oasis Entertainment Hip-Hop artist, Joshykun has released his highly anticipated single titled “Paralysis” which is a part of his new single release series. This series includes 1 single drop a week up until the release of his EP.

Joshykun is an established, rising star in the music and entertainment industry. His fusion of genres
and expressive storytelling makes him a true innovator. His unique style combined with his stage
presence has allowed him to build a path to success that continues to open the door to other opportunities.

Joshykun’s single release series is igniting anticipation for his forthcoming EP set to drop later
this year. Infused with raw hip-hop vibes, each track in the series showcases Joshykun’s lyrical prowess and magnetic delivery.

Through his music, he spreads truth, addressing societal issues and personal narratives with unapologetic honesty.

Fans eagerly await each release, eager to delve deeper into Joshykun’s world and experience the evolution of his sound. With each single, he sets the stage for an EP that promises to be a profound exploration of life, love, and the pursuit of authenticity in a complex world.

Listen to song here.

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