Vuga Kvngz Stays Grateful For The Year Even Through Trials

We all start a new year with the highest of hopes for a great year ahead but life being a rollercoaster plays out its hand just how it chooses.

Vuga Kvngz’s “This Year” talks about gliding through the year on a thin line and holding oneself together not to break. With an audacious vibrato filled vocal, He raps over subtle hi-hats blended with warm kicks infused with a soothing melody that reminds you of a time when your problems were not really yours to handle.

Friends turned into foes, loads of losses, blessings overflow all with a grateful heart of hope for a tomorrow one is not sure of. This is a story of a regular person waking and breathing on a daily basis and trying to navigate a world where balance is never promised. Stay grateful for this “This Year”.

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