“Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure that captures the euphoria and turbulence of love and relationships.”

The Nigerian music scene is on the cusp of a transformative experience with the extraordinary artist Olayinka Owoseni, known by her stage name Yimeeka, as she unveils an enchanting 2-song pack titled “Issues” and “Tsunami.”

Yimeeka doesn’t just make music; she crafts emotional landscapes that transport listeners into the heart of human connections. “Issues” and “Tsunami” are not just songs; they are musical parachutes guiding you through the highs of love’s freefall and then acting as a cushion when the landing isn’t as gentle. Collaborating with YKB on “Issues” and joining forces with Manana for “Tsunami,” Yimeeka ingeniously weaves a musical narrative mirroring the unpredictable journey of love.
The magic of these tracks lies in Yimeeka’s unique fusion of the vibrant amapiano sound with her personal musical flair.

Produced by Yimeeka herself and the talented Semzi, the songs intertwine genres, creating a dynamic soundscape that captivates and enchants. The outcome is a captivating symphony that resonates deeply, inviting listeners to delve into Yimeeka’s raw emotion and vulnerability expressed through her music.

Yimeeka explains, “‘Issues’ reflects my frustrations and disappointments in relationships. The opening lines echo my weariness with a relationship that unintentionally bred a fear of solitude. The track lays bare the controlling grip of love and how it can burden one’s spirit, as epitomized in the lyric ‘Ori Mi Wu, O ni kin Kun ron be.’ In contrast, ‘Tsunami’ departs from my usual narratives of pain in love. Upon hearing the buoyant beat, I was thrilled to explore a new direction. The result is a love song, with the second verse answering my initial plea. Collaborating with Manana, known for his emotionally resonant love songs, felt natural.”

Embark on an unforgettable musical expedition that delves into the heart of love and relationships.


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