6uff Unveils Inspirational Single ‘Van Dijk’ Reflecting On Life’s Struggles

Okoli Onyeka Okwudili also known as 6UFF (Pronounced Buff) is a Record Producer, Songwriter, and Performing Artiste has released his new single titled VAN DIJK.

VAN DIJK is the name of a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Liverpool as a center-back defender. He is decorated as one of the best defenders of his generation because of his speed, strength, and leadership skills.

6UFF resonates with these attributes of Van Dijk, as he relates them to his life struggles.
The strength to keep pushing even after all setbacks and the speed to halt whatever would stop him from achieving his goals for life, his love for music, and the dream of being at the top cannot be deferred no matter how hard he is being ridiculed or not being appreciated.

The proliferation of 6UFF’s audience and sound which has evolved in time can be appreciated in his childhood days.
He had a deep affection for music as a kid, growing up through the indigenous pattern of the average Nigerian child, he was an active member of the church choir where he played as a drummer and moved gradually to the point, where he decided to go professional in Music production and released his debut a decade later.

The new track with a superb melody, strikes a resonating flow. Ready to be drawn closer to art.

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