Alternative Singer KhaleedTheFirst Drops His Most Anticipated Single Titled “I Need That”

Khalid Suleiman Professionally Known as Khaleedthefirst / THEFIRST is a Songwriter and Singer Born in Tottenham, United Kingdom.
He is an Indigene/Descendant of the Great Ancient Benin Kingdom Edo state. A root of his Ancestors which he calls home.

His latest release “I Need That” is a captivating and innovative track that creatively infuses French days of the week into its lyrics, adding a unique international flavor. This linguistic twist showcases creativity while broadening the song’s appeal to diverse audiences. With its catchy vibe and infectious rhythm.

“I Need That” is bound to resonate with listeners, drawing them in with its memorable melody. It’s thrilling to witness creative minds like me pushing boundaries and crafting music that is fresh, engaging, and universally appealing.

Listen to “I Need That” here

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