Nigerian singer-songwriter Aramide, known for her enchanting melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, is back with a brand-new track that promises to captivate hearts and souls. Titled “Waiting,”
“Waiting” showcases Aramide’s signature vocal prowess, with melodies that enchant listeners from the very first note.

However, what sets “Waiting” apart is Aramide’s fearless embrace of vulnerability. In this heartfelt track, she openly addresses her feelings for a love interest with a newfound confidence and self-assuredness. With lyrics like “I know you know sey, I dey miss you die”

Speaking about the creation of “Waiting,” Aramide shares, “The song was written in the studio by two amazing songwriters, Wonda and myself. It went from a simple conversation to crafting an idea that resonates with anyone who has experienced the complexities of a relationship. At the time of creating the song, I was in a place where I wanted to express myself in a relatable and relevant way. I had a wealth of pent-up emotions, and I was ready to reveal my vulnerability.”

Love, in its many facets, has always been the wellspring of Aramide’s musical inspiration.
Press ‘play’ and let her accompany you on the captivating voyage of ‘Waiting,’ where she’ll embrace your heart with gentle care.”


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