Emerging Nigerian artist Brum3h is back with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, “Typewriter Vol.1,” a compelling memoir of personal experiences, emotions, and introspection. This 6-track body of work takes listeners on a captivating journey through Brum3h’s life, unveiling his innermost thoughts, self-reflection, and unique interpretations of RnB and Afrofusion genres.

“Typewriter Vol.1” is not just an EP; it’s a vivid musical diary that invites listeners to join Brum3h on an intimate journey through the chapters of his life. Each track reveals his innermost thoughts, self-reflection, and a unique blend of RnB and Afrofusion genres that defy convention.

The EP opens with the melodic “Nights Like This,” where Brum3h’s falsetto vocals convey love’s regrets. In “theysaid,” he skillfully delves into self-sabotage and complex relationships with rapper Array. “Settle Down” tackles relationship doubts on a compelling RnB/Trap beat. “For Long” warns of emotional unavailability in a piano-driven ballad featuring rapper Begho. The EP closes with “Come outside,” exploring self-reflection and heartfelt communication.

Brum3h’s musical journey is a testament to his growth as an artist. Unlike many musicians, he didn’t aspire to sing on grand stages from a young age. His journey began in the children’s choir of his church, where he found solace in expressing his feelings on paper rather than verbally. Over the years, he honed his craft and embraced the power of music to communicate his innermost thoughts.

“Typewriter Vol.1” marks the peak of Brum3h’s artistry, inviting you to journey through the beautiful melody of love, life’s ups and downs, and the discovery of what makes your heart type with affection.


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