BoyPee, Hyce & Brown Joel Recruited Nigerian Megastar Davido For Their Hit Single ‘Ogechi Remix’

Released in May 2024, “Ogechi” was an instant hit as each artist brought their own distinctive style and perspective, resulting in a diverse and multi-dimensional listening experience. The track solidifies Boypee, Hyce, and Brown Joel as rising forces to be reckoned with in the Afrobeats genre. Since its release, Ogechi has steadily climbed the charts and racked up millions of streams across all digital streaming platforms.

Davido brings a fresh new flavor and fire to the song, taking the infectious melodies and energy of the original song and amplifying them with his electrifying delivery, adding new layers of style and sweetness to the record resulting in a memorable and infectious love anthem that stands to excite the audience, ignite dance floors and conjugal celebrations.

Ogechi Remix brings a whole new level of energy, excitement, and fun. With the original song being fans favorite, this remix is set to elevate the song to new heights with the addition of Davido’s unforgettable verse and sizzling vocals. If you thought the original was fire, wait until you hear this!

Ogechi Remix is scheduled for release Wednesday June 26th 2024 on all major streaming platforms. For more information, please visit artists’ respective pages.

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