Zeusbaby Unveils New Soul-Infused Afrobeats Single, Titled “Only You”

Oziegbe Daniel popularly known as Zeusbaby is an emerging Nigerian artist making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of soul-infused Afro-beat music. Zeusbaby’s music is a seamless fusion of traditional African beats, soulful melodies, and contemporary influences. His sound evokes a sense of nostalgia, transporting listeners to a time when music was deeply connected to the soul.

“Only You” is an Afro-inspired R&B song that explores love’s tenacity in the face of tragedy. This song combines smooth, lyrical melodies with rhythmic African percussion to create a rich, expressive soundtrack. Zeusbaby fiercely tells his female companion of his undying love and loyalty, regardless of the obstacles they endure. Through sincere words and a calming vocal delivery, “Only You” expresses the spirit of eternal love and the power that comes from unity.
Only you is a feel-good masterpiece tune that soothes the soul.

Stream, Enjoy & share your thoughts. Listen here.

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