Caly Grande Fuses Reggae & Hip-Hop on Scintillating New Record ‘Racks and Paces’

Talented Ghanaian musician, Caly Grande has today officially out-doored his newest song, “Racks and Paces.”

The latest single is an infusion of Reggae and Hip-Hop that sees Caly Grande touch on key subjects such as freedom, self-awareness, as well as mental health.

On “Racks and Paces,” Caly Grande with a tone of playfulness and an underlying toughness in his vocals that match both the song’s jumpy rhythm and theme, delivers a superb performance that easily pierces the ears and hearts of listeners.

The 360 musical artiste opens the song with a free flow that sits perfectly on the one-tap Reggae instrumentals and for about a minute chiefly focuses on making the ‘mula’ and a bit of prayer that continues later on the record.

Caly Grande draws parallels between yesteryears and today with a quick flashback of the independence struggle spearheaded by Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The singer highlights the vast difference in leadership back then and the current state of leadership.

Just like his debut project “Press Play” EP released last year, “Racks and Paces,” is an inspiration, a different vibration that goes against rigid and limiting creative procedures.

The song, according to Caly Grande, was born after hearing another artiste’s song and was inspired to write his unique version that reflects his own reality.

Shedding more light on the motivation for the new record, Caly Grande told Amplify Ghana in an exclusive interview that; he wishes this record puts a smile on listeners and hopefully frees them.

He offered advice about mental health and urged listeners to pay particular attention to the line “in this life you gotta free your mind and do your most best, free the pressure, no more trauma, in this life you do you.”

“Racks and Paces” was produced by Cliq with mixing and mastering done by Jbyss.

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