Congolese Songstress Kami Leonne Unveils New Afro Soul Single “Te Quiero”

Congolese songstress Kami Leonne returns with her new single “Te Quiero”, marking a new musical chapter and a strong debut to 2024.

The record follows after the successful release of her sultry banger “Your Mind, You’re Mine”, which received editorial support on eight Audiomack playlists, such as R&B Gems and Female Forces, as well as Africa Rising, Motherland Honey & R&B Now on Apple Music, to many a few.

The song’s sonic landscape is brought to life by Omani talent and frequent collaborator Adam Nabeel, who produced and arranged the record to completion. Together, they bring forth a genre-bending instrumental that sees Leonne’s habitual sultry vocals draped over Nabeel’s electric guitars, introducing a newfound depth to her #AfroSilk universe that previously was not explored.

A canvas where she spells out a naked truth, Leonne transcends linguistic confines as she croons in English, French and Spanish. She embraces vulnerability with introspective lyrics that translate to “Tell me what you want Kami, If you need the world I’ll get it for you”. Her hypnotic melodies and sweet harmonies are effortlessly intertwined with a guitar solo, transporting her listeners to a place where emotions unravel like threads in the wind, further drawing them in and leaving them guessing what is to come next.

Speaking on the single, Leonne says:

“Te Quiero” is special to me because it is the first release that I’m dedicating to myself. The record was written right before I revealed my face, a transitional and big moment for me, personally and creatively. I start off the song speaking directly to my younger self, saying “Niña, te quiero”, which means “Little girl, I love you”. “Te Quiero” is the embodiment of that long awaited journey back home to myself. It’s a reminder that I hold the power to not only self-heal but also give myself the life I desire and deserve.”

Emerging as the first release with her face on the cover art, “Te Quiero” stands as a testament to Leonne’s artistic evolution and sets the stage for a year of musical exploration, unveiling her most compelling work to date in 2024.

Listen “Te Quiero” here.

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