Daso’s ’Jara’: An Affair Of AfroPop And RnB, Paving The Way For Love

Daso, the talented singer-songwriter hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, is set to captivate music enthusiasts with hislatest single, “JARA”. Born in the United States and raised in Lagos, Daṣo’s upbringing in a musically inclined family laid the foundation for his unique sound.

On “Jara”, Daso assures his love interest of the sincerity of his feelings. The song expresses a commitment to a genuine and serious connection.

With confidence resonating in every note, Daso’s vocals soar. “JARA” delves deeper into emotions that linger long after the last musical chord fades. As the chorus echoes, “I give you good, good love and Jara o,” it brims with words of affirmation and vulnerability.

“JARA” sets the tone as we approach the season of love, with Daso baring his heart and vulnerability.

As we approach the season of love, “JARA” sets the perfect tone. Press play and let Daso’s music lead you to love.



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