Gbedu SoundSystem Unveils Debut Masterpiece: Introducing GSS Riddim

Gbedu Soundsystem, a pioneering collective of international DJs, is thrilled to announce the launch of their debut project: GSS Riddim. This instrumental masterpiece, accompanied by multiple remixes, pays homage to the rich Caribbean tradition of rhythmic unity.

Riddim, in its truest form, is a collection of songs woven together by a shared beat. It transcends boundaries, inviting listeners on a sonic journey that defies genre constraints.

Gbedu Soundsystem brings together three seasoned DJs, each with a unique musical fingerprint: Vibemaster JD from Boston/Nigeria, DJ Flammzy hailing from London, DJ Maf, representing South Africa.

As Gbedu Soundsystem takes center stage, anticipate a revolutionary fusion of sounds resonating worldwide. From Lagos to London, Boston to Johannesburg, their beats defy geographical confines.


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