Dance All Summer along With Skales “Jogo”

Skales, a cornerstone of Afrobeats, is back with a track that will have you dancing all summer long. “Jogo,” produced by Killertunes, is a vibrant celebration of life and achieving success, served over a blend of pulsating rhythms and piano keys.

Skales is no stranger to the spotlight. Throughout his two-decade career, he’s evolved from a rising star to a beloved icon. His 2020 album, Healing Process, marked a period of introspection, but “Jogo” sees him reclaiming his signature sound – a sound that makes you want to move.

Speaking of the motivation for the song, Skales says that he wanted to make a song for people to find happiness:

“Jogo” (which derives from the Nigerian word “Jogodo,” meaning a state of joyous frenzy) is Skales’ mission statement in a nutshell: to bring joy to his listeners.

“Jogo” is irresistible. It’s pure summer fun with a positive message. It’s the perfect blend of Skales’ well-loved style and energy.

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