Danny Young’s “Jangolova” Is The Perfect Party Starter

Afropop legend Danny Young is making a triumphant return with his second single of the year, “Jangalova.” Featuring the enigmatic S.N.E., the track is a high-octane celebration of wealth, success, and undeniable charm.

The song opens with Danny and S.N.E. boasting about their accomplishments, from gracing the airwaves of BBC to throwing exclusive pool parties overflowing with beautiful women. They weave between English and Yoruba, painting a picture of his luxurious lifestyle and VIP treatment.

Danny doesn’t shy away from flaunting his designer clothes and hard-earned success. The catchy chorus, featuring the hypnotic chant “jangalova,” is sure to become an earworm.

“This song is all about embracing your success and living life to the fullest,” says Danny Young. “I want people to hear ‘Jangalova’ and feel good. Let’s celebrate!”

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