Faym Official & Chophead Turn Up The Heat With “Rock Ya Bodie”

Faym Official explodes onto the scene with his addictive new single “Rock Ya Bodie,” featuring Chophead. This fusion of pop and Afrobeats is a guaranteed dance floor anthem.

“Rock Ya Bodie” is the latest offering from Faym’s forthcoming EP, “Reintroduction.” With “Rock Ya Bodie,” Faym turns up the heat, weaving a passionate soundscape that ignites a desire for deep emotional and physical connection.

Faym and Chophead’s vocals are a match made in heaven. Faym’s soulful delivery intertwines with Chophead’s energy, creating an irresistible force that will have you moving in no time.

“Rock Ya Bodie” is the perfect anthem for a night out. It’s a call to the dance floor, inviting couples to embrace the music and create lasting memories together.

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