Døku Release “Was I Wrong” To Usher In Next Phase Of Career.

“Was I Wrong?” is a song about love, and the desire to express that with someone that isn’t receiving or giving it the way they used to. The song follows a stressed-out romantic lamenting over his supposed relationship with a mysterious lover that he is desperately trying to save. He reminisces about the times they have shared, the attempts they have made to make it work, the gifts he has bought, and ultimately, the desire for her to receive all the love he has for her and reciprocate it with matching energy.

“Was I Wrong” is an Afro-Indie pop song heavily reminiscent of the Zamrock movement in Zambia in the 70s. Synth melodies, guitars, cellos, and a classic bedroom pop drum pattern act as a resolute engine driving this song and keeping a consistent, intoxicating bounce. Døku’s vocal ingenuity and melodic decisions tie the whole package together to create a grainy, nostalgic canvas to paint wistful, fleeting memories of love and longing onto.

With roduction credits to Herman Suede and Døku, ‘Was I Wrong” is Døku’s first release under this new persona, having released a few songs under the name “ThatDokuGuy”.

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