Champion don land! : EEZZ Drops Street Anthem “Zinedine Zidane”

EEZZ, a rising force with undeniable talent, unleashes their electrifying new single, “Zinedine Zidane.” This isn’t just a song; it’s a battle cry echoing with EEZZ’s signature streetwise swagger and infectious energy.

Fresh out of the studio, “Zinedine Zidane” is a product of history, emerging from the world record attempt by renowned Nigerian producer Hitsound. Aiming to push the boundaries of creativity and production speed, Hitsound embarked on a monumental 72-hour marathon of music creation. EEZZ was among the select few artists chosen to participate in this groundbreaking endeavor.

Champion Don Land!  EEZZ throws down the gauntlet from the opening line, a declaration that a new contender has arrived.  “Who be that boardman?” – the lyrics challenge established figures with raw confidence.

“Zinedine Zidane” transcends a name; it becomes a symbol of dominance. Drawing inspiration from the legendary footballer’s skill and composure, the song pulsates with raw confidence. EEZZ’s razor-sharp flow seamlessly blends braggadocio and streetwise wisdom, perfectly captured by the infectious beats and driving basslines.

Following the momentum of “Kalambolo,” “Zinedine Zidane” showcases their undeniable talent and unique blend of streetwise authenticity. This is a force to be reckoned with, ready to take the scene by storm.

Listen to song here.

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