From Underground To Icon: Reminisce’s ‘Alaye Toh Se Gogo’ And His Impact On Street-Hop

Reminisce, a driving force in the fusion of hip-hop and Afropop, has transformed from an underground pioneer to a cultural icon. His journey, which began in 2008, gained momentum with hits like “Kako Bi Chicken” in 2011, pioneering street hop.

“Alaye Toh Se Gogo” marks his return after three years, showcasing an evolved style merging rap and pop melodies. Collaborations with emerging and established artists highlight his adaptability while retaining a unique identity.

The album bridges generations ranging from Olamide to OdumoduBlvck, Bnxn, and more, blending traditional rap with contemporary beats. It caters to a wide audience, with tracks like “Rotate” for street enthusiasts and “Mora” for a softer, melodic side.

Reflecting on his journey, reminisce shares, “This album reflects my growth, both as an artist and a person. I’m excited to share this new chapter with my fans and introduce them to the various facets of my musical journey.”

Reminisce’s journey mirrors Nigerian hip-hop’s evolution. His artistry redefines musical boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on culture.


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