Halo Yagami: The New Voice Of Experimental R&B Releases Jalimane

Halo Yagami (born Monde Ngcobo), a 28-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from Durban KwaMashu, has been captivating the music industry since his debut EP ‘Usiba’ in 2022. Now residing in Johannesburg, Yagami is not just an artist; he’s an experience.

With three critically acclaimed projects, Yagami has crafted an auditory realm so enchanting that listeners are compelled to immerse themselves fully. His music—a seamless blend of Maskandi, Afro-pop, and Electro-soul—transcends into experimental R&B, creating a unique soundscape that resonates with the soul.

Influenced by the likes of Sjava, Jhené Aiko, Afrotraction, and Erykah Badu, Yagami’s fusion of genres and styles is a homage to the music that shaped his artistic vision. “These records hold a special place in my heart. They’re a part of me, both old and new,” Yagami reflects. “Growing up, my mother’s cassettes were my gateway to these profound sounds, and they’ve significantly influenced my music.”

Yagami’s latest single, “Jalimane” (meaning ‘German’ in Zulu), is a vibrant and rhythmic ballad that marries the essence of dance with the soul of R&B.

The track narrates the serendipitous discovery of love in the most unexpected of places, evolving from a mere attraction to a deep, passionate connection. It culminates in Yagami’s introspective journey, where he speaks of conquering depression through the strength found in this newfound love.

Press play and let Halo Yagami’s melodies enchant you.

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