Introducing Sensational Hip Hop/Rap Artist Godor and the Release of “Locked In The Trap” EP

Nigerian Hip hop and rap artist Nwangwu Chiemerie Charles hailing from Enugu state and known by his stage name “Godor,” is set to make waves in the music scene with the release of his latest EP titled “Locked In The Trap.”

Featuring a fusion of hip hop and rap, the “Locked In The Trap” EP showcases five tracks, including “6Kg,” “Cell 3” ft. Hendez, “Nwa Agu,” “Stucc In The Grind” ft. Hugo P, and “PaperChaser.” In this project, Godor delves into his personal experiences, addressing themes such as his mental and physical toughness, faith, street life, and the hustle. Through a mix of Pidgin English and his native language, he shares the challenges he and his brothers have faced, his unwavering faith in God, the realities of growing up in a tough environment, and the importance of persistence and hard work.

Notable tracks like “Nwa Agu” and “stucc in the grind ft Hugo P” capture the essence of Godor’s storytelling prowess and unique lyrical style. With only two featured artists that complement his sound, the EP solidifies his artistic identity and gives us an insight into his creative vision. Godor brings a fresh perspective to the hip hop and rap genre, infusing his music with authenticity, raw emotion, and a distinctive storytelling approach that resonates with listeners.

The “Locked In The Trap” EP was released on the 10th of December, 2023, marking a significant milestone in Godor’s musical journey. Listeners can expect a captivating musical experience as they listen to Godor’s EP. It promises to be a powerful blend of lyrical depth and raw emotion.

Listen to ‘Locked In The Trap’ EP here.

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