Love Lost And Self-Reflection: Ukairo Soars In New Release ‘Flight Alerts’

Ukairo has a new single out, and it’s called “Flight Alerts.” It’s a soul-house record with a flair for R&B. You can hear Ukairo singing in his native tongue, Igbo, in this upbeat track.

The song is about love lost and self-forgiveness. It was inspired by Google Flight alerts that reminded him of broken plans.

The song begins with a poem, which is Ukairo’s signature style. He did the same thing in his first EP, “The Road To Damascus.” The poem is abstract, but the verse is more literal.

Ukairo confesses his dishonesty and self-centeredness in the song. He says it’s his most vulnerable song yet. But it’s also a dance track that you can party to. He wanted to make a song like the South African songs he loves, such as “Alone” and “Still” by Liquideep. He used house music motifs in the production, such as a shaker, a synth, a bass, and a kick. He says, “I feel like this is the kind of song you play at a festival and you remember who sang it next to you. That’s flight alerts.”

Flight Alerts” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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