“Mumu Na Forever”: A Celebration Of Love’s Follies

Kogi State’s Singing Twins, Oiza & Meyi, Release Infectious Love Song “Mumu Na Forever”

Eucharia and Eugenia Abu, better known as the singing duo Oiza & Meyi, hail from Kogi State, Nigeria. These rising stars weave captivating tales through their music, firmly rooted in the folk genre.

The twins first captured public attention in 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown. Their viral bathroom performance showcased their harmonies and guitar skills, winning the hearts of many.

Known for their striking resemblance and lyricism, Oiza & Meyi explore life’s complexities through their music, addressing themes from love to politics with a satirical edge.

Their latest release, “Mumu Na Forever”, resonates with anyone who’s ever been swept away by love’s whirlwind. This quirky blend of humour and relatable storytelling guarantees to have listeners both laughing and singing along.

“Mumu Na Forever” documents the things we do in love’s name. Listen to song here.

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