Musical Artiste And Producer Janas XS Unveils His New Single, “My Side”

Being well tapped into the Lagos music scene as an artiste and music producer, Janas XS is one of the creaves set on pioneering the new wave of alternave fusion sounds in the scene. Following the releases of “Do Your Thing” in 2023 and “On a Roll.” in 2024, “My Side” is Janas most recent release in 2024. The song is a feel-good, upbeat tune that’s perfect for those moments when you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the company of someone special.

“My Side” invites listeners to join in on the party and embrace the joy of being together. The lyrics speak to the desire to have that one person by your side, dancing the night away and making memories that last a lifeme. Featuring a vibrant saxophone solo and irresisble grooves, “My Side” is sure to get listeners moving and grooving from start to finish. It’s the perfect addion to any playlist that celebrates love, togetherness, and good mes. The song has the potenal to resonate with listeners looking for something fresh, upbeat, and full of posive energy.

Janas has been known to deliver stunning performances anyme he gets on the stage. Being a maestro guitarist as well as a vocal arst, he is easily able to deliver a mul-dimensional experience by communicang his emoons to his audience (microphone and guitar). Some places where Janas has done this are Bogobiri, Bature Brewery where he’s a lead guitarist in Olusegun’s band, and most notably at Felabraon 2022 where he stood out as an arst to watch out for.
Ulmately, there is so much to come from Janas XS in 2023 and “Do Your Thing” is the beginning of all of it.

Listen to ‘My Side’ here.

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