On ‘Connected’, Mod3st Expresses His Voice As A New Cat In The Hip Hop Scene In Africa

Kayode Moses AKA Mod3st is a Hip Hop Artist/producer from Nigeria. Shuffling between Lagos & Abuja. He began making music in 2013, freestyling at local events and taking his first steps in music production.

Exploring music production exposed him to a better understanding of how to authenticate his music style and fuse out a Hip hop sound unique to him. His music is heavily influenced by rappers such as Lil wayne, 50 cent, Drake, Tory Lanez and Ice Prince.

After taking us to the moon, Mod3st decides to establish a relatable connection on his new joint “Connected”. On this jam, he talks about how he handled rejection and how it shaped him to the man he is now.

Mod3st took a personal approach this time by expressing his ultimate desire for a better life on “Connected”, explaining the struggles of an independent artist in a complex industry such as Nigeria/Africa.

In the interview, the artist shares a glimpse of what he has to go through to stay relevant. From the artist’s branding journey that can be provocative to others or the local culture’s expectations of youth, to the uncomfortable late nights to build an audience, to facing oppression from the police as a young hustling rapper, and finally, navigating the dark side of the industry. But through it all, the artist believes that victory may be delayed, but it can never be denied. As long as we keep pushing hard, facing our reality, putting in not just hard work but smart work, and having something valuable to offer, success will come.

Mod3st is working towards releasing his debut Album project titled CANDY DREAMS. Orchestrated as a crazy world of heartbreaks and limited opportunities, Mod3st navigates through a kaleidoscope of shifting emotions ranging from romance to his passionate drive on his project, CANDY DREAMS, exposing his vulnerability and insecurities. With singles like “To The Moon” & “Connected” serving as a sensitization for the project, the expectations of his upcoming project is a set.

Listen to ‘Connected’ here.

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