From getting his first big shot as the ‘Creative/ Assistant Director’ for Naira Marley’s hit single “Coming” Featuring Busiswa in 2021, Ochuko Lagos is gradually cementing his spot in the industry as the ‘Creative Genius’. Working with several superstars and brands, Iyanya, BNXN, including global Popstar Joeboy, just to name a few.

Earlier this week, we had a quick Q & A session with ‘Ochuko Lagos’, the Creative Genius behind the recent visuals for Iyanya’s “Plans”

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Why the name ‘Ochuko Lagos’ ?

My full name is: Lagos Ochuko, with ‘Lagos’ being my surname but then I like the sound and sequence of Ochuko Lagos as against Lagos Ochuko

Can you remember when you shot your first ever video?

I shot my first official video in 2021 (Thinking by Okal)

Who’s the man behind ‘Ochuko Lagos’ ?

The man behind Ochuko Lagos is a creative genius in diverse space, the man behind Ochuko Lagos is the one that is set to hold down the entertainment industry.

Full name is ?

Lagos Ochuko Thomas

Photo: Sniper

How many videos have you shot this year?

It depends : In terms of music videos, I have shot 8 of which 3 are officially out.
I shot an advert also earlier this year in Capetown, a short film also.

How did working with ‘Iyanya’ come about?

I can write an article on that one, but just to keep it short I linked up with Ubi Franklin he believed and trusted my guts and then we made a killing with Iyanya on his videos.

What was the inspiration behind your latest video ‘Plans’ by Iyanya?

Interesting that video was supposed to be just a lyrics video for YouTube and social media, Ubi Franklin reached out to me and said he wanted to film a lyrics video for Iyanya plans since we already shot an official video for Iyanya “Sinner”, let’s just create something for plans, I myself I’m not a fan of simple videos, I like for all my projects to be a statement in its craft and creativity, so I created a fire visual treatment for the song, the teamed loved it but though they wanted a simple Lyrics video, so Ubi ideated the idea of the super market and all for Plans video, then I added my creative touch, so it was more of a co creation, big Shout out to Ubi Franklin, when we were done filming and the video was set to be released the team looked at it and said no this is a mad one and we putting it out as an official video for Iyanya “Plans”.. yea crazy and there you have it.

Iyanya – Plans (Directed by OchukoLagos)

What’s your creative process like, do you sometimes write treatment/ ideas down or you always get a job before developing one ?

I do both, sometimes I create to random songs I like, sometimes I wait for the job.

Favorite artiste you’ve worked with and why?

Iyanya.. I can’t place the words but then in simple terms we just connect on a higher frequency of energy.

Had any down times this year?

Yea had a crazy one in this year, but it’s all love and God rocking my boat, we up now.

What will you say was the most difficult video you’ve ever shot ?

It as to be “coming” by Naira Marley in which I was the creative director for the video and big shout out wg films the director, we shot for 36 hours straight, from morning of the day to the next day afternoon.. it was hectic, shout out to Naira Marley and Busiswa to they held it down too.

BTS – Naira Marley X Busiswa – Coming

Naira Marley X Busiswa – Coming

Personally, are you working on anything new and when should we be expecting?

I recently shot a documentary film series for Netflix being the production designer and assistant director, also currently working on a short film and many more music videos out in a bit.

Any Creatives from your ends we should look out for ?
Loreta Eloho, she is a next level Creative and Producer.

What are you goals?
In the film industry my goal is to globalize our content at the most premium level, create a celebrity brand of my works and personality.

What does it mean for you to be a ‘Creative’ or Film Director?

It means I can recreate my world and tell my story, our stories.

Is there any Director you look up to or look forward to collaborating with?

I’m fan of Meji Alabi works, Edgar Esteves and a couple more.

Photo: Sniper

At the end of the day, who is ‘Ochuko Lagos’ ?

At the end of the day Ochuko Lagos is the one who will set the pace for the next generation of creatives, filmmakers and entrepreneurs.

What do you want to be remembered as?

I want to be remembered at that tree that bread many new fruits into existence, I mean creatives and entrepreneurs.

What’s next for Ochuko, any new videos on our screen anytime soon ?
Yes a bunch.. no names, just finger crossed 🤞 🤍

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